Source code for asyncdagpi.image

from io import BytesIO
from typing import Optional

[docs]class Image(object): """ An AsyncDagpi Image Returned This has special properties that can enhance the experience. .. container:: Attributes **Attributes** image: :class:`io.BytesIO` BytesIO object with Image format: :class:`str` String containing Image Format Either PNG or GIF process_time: :class:`str` String for Time Taken by API to process Request original_image: :class:`str` URL for the image passed to the API """ def __init__(self, byt: bytes, image_format: str, process_time: str, original_url: str): """ Initialise an asyncdagpi.Image """ self.image: BytesIO = BytesIO(byt) self.format: str = image_format self.process_time: str = process_time self.original_image: str = original_url
[docs] def size(self) -> int: """ Returns the Size of the Image """ return self.image.__sizeof__()
def __repr__(self) -> str: """ A description of the Image """ return f"<asyncdagpi.Image format={self.format}>"
[docs] def read(self) -> bytes: """ Get raw Image bytes :return: :class:`bytes` """ return
[docs] def write(self, name: str, *, path: Optional[str] = None) -> None: """ Writes the Image Object to file :param name: :class:`str` the name of the file to save kwargs: Optional To Pass in - path: path to write to can be relative/absolute. default is ./ """ path = path or "." with open("{}/{}.{}".format(path, name, self.format), 'wb') as file: file.write(