Asyncdagpi incorporates custom exceptions



This is the base excpetion


The base asyncdagpi exceptions

Use this to catch errors from the wrapper


exception asyncdagpi.errors.BadUrl[source]

The url provided is poorly framed

exception asyncdagpi.errors.Unauthorised[source]

Raised for an API 401

exception asyncdagpi.errors.RateLimited[source]

You are exceeding the API’s rate limits and built in Ratelimit handler Essentially a 429

exception asyncdagpi.errors.FileTooLarge[source]

The image at source exceeds 10 MegaBytes

exception asyncdagpi.errors.InvalidFeature[source]

The feature chosen is not valid Chose a valid feature from asyncdagpi.ImageFeature

exception asyncdagpi.errors.ParameterError[source]

Parameters passed were not Sufficient

exception asyncdagpi.errors.ApiError[source]

The equivalent of a 500, for the API when the status code returned indicates an API issue.

exception asyncdagpi.errors.ImageUnaccesible[source]

The API was unable to get an image at your location

error_code: int

Containes the Code that the API returned

message: str

returns info about the reason image was unaccesible


Returns a Concatenated HTTP code and Message