class asyncdagpi.ImageFeatures(value: str, description: str)[source]#

Base ImageFatures that asyncdagpi has

classmethod from_path(path: str) IF[source]#

Construct an Image Feature from it’s path.

classmethod mirror() IF[source]#

Flip image horizontally (left to right).

classmethod flip() IF[source]#

Flip the image vertically (top to bottom).

classmethod pixel() IF[source]#

Pixelate an Image

classmethod colors() IF[source]#

Analyse and get an Image’s Color Top 5 Colors

classmethod wanted() IF[source]#

Get a wanted poster of an Image.

classmethod triggered() IF[source]#

Get a triggered Image gif

classmethod america() IF[source]#

The waving american flag on an image.gif

classmethod communism() IF[source]#

Glory of the soviet Union on an image.gif

classmethod bomb() IF[source]#


classmethod wasted() IF[source]#

GTA V Wasted screen.

classmethod five_guys_one_girl() IF[source]#

No I have never heard of this meme. Takes in 2 Image URL. Needs:

  • url

  • url2

classmethod slap() IF[source]#

Have someone slap someone. Needs:

  • url

  • url2

classmethod why_are_you_gay() IF[source]#

The infamous Why are you gay. Takes in 2 Image URL. Needs:

  • url

  • url2

classmethod invert() IF[source]#

Invert an Image.

classmethod sobel() IF[source]#

Cool SOBEL filter for Images. Only png’s.

classmethod triangle() IF[source]#

Cool triangle edge detection for Images. Only png’s.

classmethod hog() IF[source]#

Histogram of Oriented Gradients.

classmethod blur() IF[source]#

Blurs an entire Image.

classmethod rgb() IF[source]#

Get RGB information from an image.

classmethod angel() IF[source]#

Make an Image Angelic.

classmethod satan() IF[source]#

Make an Image the devil.

classmethod hitler() IF[source]#

Make an Image as bad as hitler.

classmethod obama() IF[source]#

The obama meme of someone awarding themselves.

classmethod bad() IF[source]#

This image is bad.

classmethod sith() IF[source]#

Laughs in Sithlord

classmethod jail() IF[source]#

Put an Image behind bars.

classmethod fedora() IF[source]#

Tips. Fedora

classmethod delete() IF[source]#

Delete some trash

classmethod shatter() IF[source]#

Broken like glass

classmethod gay() IF[source]#

represent! Pastes a pride flag on an image.

classmethod pride() IF[source]#

Pride flag overlay Needs:

  • flag (one of these flags):
    • asexual

    • bisexual

    • gay

    • genderfluid

    • genderqueer

    • intersex

    • lesbian

    • nonbinary

    • progress

    • pan

    • trans

    • agender

    • ally

    • polysexual

classmethod trash() IF[source]#

Makes an Image trash.

classmethod deepfry() IF[source]#

Deepfries an Image.

classmethod ascii() IF[source]#

Turns an Image into a ascii-fied image.

classmethod charcoal() IF[source]#

Turns an Image into a charcoal sketch.

classmethod poster() IF[source]#

Posterizes an image.

classmethod sepia() IF[source]#

Makes an image sepia tone.

classmethod polaroid() IF[source]#

Frames an Image like a printed polaroid.

classmethod glitch() IF[source]#

Cool Glitched image

classmethod swirl() IF[source]#

Swirls the center of Image.

classmethod paint() IF[source]#

Turns an Image into an oil painting.

classmethod sketch() IF[source]#

How an artist would create an image.

classmethod spin() IF[source]#

the gif goes round and round.

classmethod dissolve() IF[source]#

Thanos snapped and back.

classmethod neon() IF[source]#

A cool multicolored glowing neon sign from an image.

classmethod petpet() IF[source]#

Pet Pet Pet.

classmethod comic() IF[source]#

classic black and white comic.

classmethod burn() IF[source]#

Burn an image untill there’s molten remains.

classmethod freeze() IF[source]#

Get blasted by Mr.Freeze from batman.

classmethod earth() IF[source]#

Become one with Rock.

classmethod night() IF[source]#

Turns day into night on an Image.

classmethod magik() IF[source]#

Magik an Image

classmethod stringify() IF[source]#

Stringify an Image

classmethod rainbow() IF[source]#

Rainbow light effect on image

classmethod solar() IF[source]#

Solarizes an Image.

classmethod bonk() IF[source]#

Bonk Someone

classmethod captcha() IF[source]#

Creates a realistic Captcha Needs:

  • text

  • image

classmethod thought_image() IF[source]#

Wraps Image and Text into a thought Needs:

  • text

  • image

classmethod tweet() IF[source]#

Generates an accurate fake tweet Needs:

  • text

  • image

  • username

classmethod discord() IF[source]#

Generated a realistic Discord Message Needs:

  • text

  • image

  • username

  • dark (boolean) default is true

classmethod youtube() IF[source]#

Generated a realistic Yutube comment Needs:

  • text

  • image

  • username

  • dark (boolean) default is true

classmethod retro_meme() IF[source]#

old 2012 advice animals style meme Needs:

  • top_text

  • bottom_text

  • image

classmethod motiv() IF[source]#

old 2012 style Motiv memes Needs:

  • top_text

  • bottom_text

  • image

classmethod modern_meme() IF[source]#

Mordern meme with text scaling Needs:

  • text

  • image

classmethod mosiac() IF[source]#

Turn an image into a roman mosiac Needs:

  • image

  • pixels

classmethod cube() IF[source]#

Turn an image into a cube Needs:

  • image

classmethod lego() IF[source]#

image out of lego bricks Needs:

  • image

classmethod expand() IF[source]#

blown out of proportions Needs:

  • image

classmethod elmo() IF[source]#

burning elmo gif Needs:

  • image

classmethod tv() IF[source]#

burning elmo gif Needs:

  • image

classmethod glitch_static() IF[source]#

simpler static glitch Needs:

  • image

classmethod album() IF[source]#

turn image into album cover Needs:

  • image

classmethod rain() IF[source]#

for rainy days Needs:

  • image

classmethod from_string(feature: str) Optional[IF][source]#

Get an image feature from a string

  • cls (Type[IF]) – class stuff

  • feature (str) – string feature to try


Image Feature

Return type


Image Response#

class asyncdagpi.Image(byt: bytes, image_format: str, process_time: str, original_url: str)[source]#

An AsyncDagpi Image Returned This has special properties that can enhance the experience.


image: io.BytesIO

BytesIO object with Image

format: str

String containing Image Format Either PNG or GIF

process_time: str

String for Time Taken by API to process Request

original_image: str

URL for the image passed to the API

size() int[source]#

Returns the Size of the Image

read() bytes[source]#

Get raw Image bytes :return: bytes

write(name: str, *, path: Optional[str] = None) None[source]#

Writes the Image Object to file


namestr the name of the file to save

kwargs: Optional To Pass in
  • path: path to write to can be relative/absolute. default is ./