Source code for asyncdagpi.client

import re
import time
from typing import Dict, Optional, Any

from .errors import BadUrl, InvalidFeature
from .http import HTTP
from .image import Image
from .image_features import ImageFeatures
from .objects import Captcha, Typeracer, WTP, PickupLine, Logo, Headline
from aiohttp import ClientSession
from asyncio import AbstractEventLoop

url_regex: str = r"http[s]?://(?:[a-zA-Z]|[0-9]|[$-_@.&+]|[!*\(\),]| " \

[docs]class Client: """ Initialisation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :param token: Your Dagpi Api token :param **kwargs: Extra arguments you may pass this can include * loop: an asyncio event loop for the asyncdagpi to use * session: an aiohttp ClientSession for dagpi to use This will initialise an AsyncDagpiClient that you can use for making dagpi requests. """ def __init__( self, token: str, *, session: Optional[ClientSession] = None, loop: Optional[AbstractEventLoop] = None ): self.token: str = token self.session: Optional[ClientSession] = session self.loop: Optional[AbstractEventLoop] = loop self.http: HTTP = HTTP(self.token, loop=self.loop, session=self.session) @staticmethod def url_test(url: str) -> None: if not isinstance(url, str): raise BadUrl("URL is not a String") regex = re.compile( url_regex, re.IGNORECASE) match = re.match(regex, url) if not match: raise BadUrl("URL did not pass Regex")
[docs] async def image_process( self, feature: ImageFeatures, url: str, **kwargs: Any) \ -> Image: """ feature: :class:`ImageFeature` a dagpi ImageFeature class url: :class:`str` the Url for the Image Passed kwargs: based on the Docs for your Feature chose the right extra kwargs like `text` or `username` :return: :class:`asyncdagpi.Image` Asyncdagpi Image Object """ if not isinstance(feature, ImageFeatures): raise InvalidFeature("{} does not exist".format(str(feature))) self.url_test(url) dark = kwargs.get("dark") if dark is not None: kwargs["dark"] = str(dark) params: Dict[str, str] = {"url": url, **kwargs} return await self.http.image_request(feature.value, params=params)
[docs] async def special_image_process(self, url: str) \ -> Image: """ url: :class:`str` the Url for the Image Passed :return: :class:`asyncdagpi.Image` Asyncdagpi Image Object """ self.url_test(url) params = {"url": url} return await self.http.image_request("/special/", params=params)
[docs] async def wtp(self) -> WTP: """ get a WTP data object :returns: :class:`asyncdagpi.WTP` """ raw_data = await self.http.data_request("wtp") return WTP(raw_data)
[docs] async def roast(self) -> str: """ Returns a string with a Roast :returns: :class:`str` """ obj = await self.http.data_request("roast") return obj["roast"]
[docs] async def yomama(self) -> str: """ Returns a YoMama Joke String :returns: :class:`str` """ obj = await self.http.data_request("yomama") return obj["description"]
[docs] async def joke(self) -> str: """ Gets a Funny Joke :returns: :class:`str` """ obj = await self.http.data_request("joke") return obj["joke"]
[docs] async def fact(self) -> str: """ Gets a Fun fact :returns: :class:`str` """ obj = await self.http.data_request("fact") return obj["fact"]
[docs] async def eight_ball(self) -> str: """ Gets an 8ball response :returns: :class:`str` """ obj = await self.http.data_request("8ball") return obj["response"]
[docs] async def pickup_line(self) -> PickupLine: """ Get a PickupLine """ return PickupLine(await self.http.data_request("pickupline"))
[docs] async def headline(self) -> Headline: """ Get a PickupLine """ return Headline(await self.http.data_request("headline"))
[docs] async def captcha(self) -> Captcha: """ Get a captcha """ return Captcha(await self.http.data_request("captcha"))
[docs] async def typeracer(self) -> Typeracer: """ Get a sentence on an image """ return Typeracer(await self.http.data_request("typeracer"))
[docs] async def waifu(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Get a Random Anime Waifu. Does not return a model due to sheer complexity and impracticality. """ return await self.http.data_request("waifu")
[docs] async def data_ping(self) -> float: """ Returns a float with the Data API's ping """ start = time.perf_counter() await self.http.data_request("wtp") end = time.perf_counter() return (end - start)
[docs] async def image_ping(self) -> float: """ Returns a float with the Image API's ping """ start = time.perf_counter() await self.http.data_request("/", image=True) end = time.perf_counter() return (end - start)
[docs] async def close(self) -> None: """ Shuts down the asyncdagpi Client """ await self.http.close()